Modular means that you can change the bed over time. It is like playing Lego bricks... Well, we'll explain it over a few diagrams, and all these are found in our comprehensive E-Catalogue as well - which comes with lots of photos, ideas, and prices.

1) All beds consists of a most basic bedframe.
You just have to change the parts in order to achieve different bed configuration.  That is the reason why there is a Shop Collection for the bed parts.

2) It doesn't matter which stage of life is your child at.
The fact that it is modular means that you can keep re-using the same bed as your child grows up. So you can buy a low bed now, and buy legs in future to raise it to a loft. You can buy a pull out bed now, and purchase another low bed to stack on top of it to create a bunk bed with a trundle.

3) The possibilities is endless. 
Maxtrix is the largest kids furniture system in the world, and the possibilities will only increase, because all future set ups will have to ensure that they fit into the existing Maxtrix system.